Emacs Code Navigation in Visual Studio Code

I’ll admit it, in the eternal fight between vim and Emacs I’m firmly on the Emacs side. Now, I haven’t used actual Emacs in a while, but I’m so used to the navigation shortcuts that on every machine I use, I:

  1. map CapsLock to be another Ctrl key, for Windows I keep the .reg file below in my OneDrive and import it on every new machine.
  2. update my VS Code keybindings to enable the common Emacs keyboard navigation shortscuts like Ctrl+n, Ctrl+p, etc. My settings sync via the excellent Settings Sync plugin, but I also keep them up-to-date in the linked gist below. Unfortunately, Ctrl+n/p does not work in all popups and view, so sometimes it’s still required to use the cursor keys, but for most code operations my fingers don’t have to leave the home row.

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