Data is everything!

As we all know data is everything in optimizing and improving web pages. Until last week Impera lacked the functionality to display data over time. Even though we were able to show some snapshots of certain metrics (in German):


there was no continuous tracking and measuring enabled. On Friday I finally wrote some background scripts which save certain metrics at fixed time intervals. These can then be displayed using the amazing jQuery flot graph library as beautifully formatted graphs over time. Here you can see the average number of online players per hour (GMT+1 timezone and mostly German users from GMT+1):


I think the results are as expected with a peak during the day and a valley after 2 a.m. However, this data is only aggregated over a timespan of two and a half days. I expect the following graph to be more of interest when a few weeks of data have been captured:


Even with this little data it can be inferred, that Impera players get up earlier on Mondays than on weekends (what a surprise!).

There are a few other graphs available but more data is needed for them to be of any interest.


Gerade noch gefunden, Zitate aus Anzeigen:

"Vermietung an Stunden nicht moeglich"

"Wohnung im Frankenberger Viertel, dem Schwabing von Aachen"

"Bevorzugt werden ruhige solvente Mieter. "

"Ofenheizung mit Kohle"

Schnuckelige Zwei-Zimmer-Maisonettewohnung in einem gepflegten, denkmalgeschützten Altbau im beliebten Lousberg-Viertel. Mit ein bisschen Farbe und Eigeninitiative lässt sich hier ein richtiges Schätzchen ausgraben!

Another IE 9 bug: Search box

If you try to search for a .NET topic with the new IE 9 you might run into some problems:


If you put “.net” as the first keyword, IE9 thinks it’s supposed to open an url instead of querying you configured search engine for it.

If you change the order of the query terms, e.g., from “.net unity” to “unity .net” it’ll work just fine:


Internet Explorer 9 Taskbar Pin Bug

Internet Explorer 9 Beta has been released and includes a cool feature which allows you to ‘Pin’ websites to the taskbar just like regular programs:


You could, for example, pin Facebook to the taskbar to use Jumplists to quickly access you News or Messages:


However, with all these widescreen displays around today I like to have my taskbar on the right hand side of the screen in order to maximize my vertical screen estate.

When you drag a webpage to the taskbar with this setup it only triggers AeroSnap which makes it impossible to pin websites this way: