If you have used Visual Studio 2017 to connect to a Team Services instance, or you follow the Microsoft ALM blog you will have noticed that with Visual Studio 2017: Work items now open in the web from Visual Studio ’15’! While the official post shows why that change was made and what advantages the web form brings, I wanted to quickly point out some small things that were done to make this behavior more usable. You can follow along by downloading Visual Studio 2017 and connecting to your Team Services or Team Foundation Server 2017 instance. Running Queries from Visual Studio There is still the full work item query tree available in Visual Studio, including favorites: You can also still create and run new[…]

I often find myself adding the same tags over and over to work items. Example: While we use features to group our user stories, it is often convenient to also add a tag per feature, since these can show up on the cards on the different boards, making it easy to see what belongs to which feature: So let’s say I’m working on a feature called “Tag Extension”. Our feature is broken down into a few user stories and and we have applied a tag “Tag Extension” to all of them: Then we add another story using the add panel on the backlog. It’s parented to the feature but it’s missing the tag applied to the other ones: While I[…]

Last year Visual Studio Team Services (formerly known as Visual Studio Online) released support for extensions. There are some great samples on GitHub and a growing number of finished extensions in the marketplace. One of my published extensions is Estimate, a planning poker implementation for VSTS. Extending VSTS is really easy, there is documentation and some great examples at the official GitHub repository. Since I work on the Agile planning tools and work item tracking, I would like to show with a few simple examples how you can add functionality to your backlogs, boards, and queries. To make it really easy I’ve published  a small seed project that contributes a single menu item to the work item context menu and which will[…]